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Looking for an e-cigarette? We have the ecig type for you!

There are many E-Cigarettes on the market and they are all different. Your personal taste and smoking habits will play a large part in deciding what model of ecigarette is right for you.

Ecigarette Type

All electronic smoking devices have three major components in common, a battery, an atomizer and e-liquid cartridge of some sort. There are some models that are specifically geared for experienced e-smokers and take more effort to use. Then there are models that are very easy to assemble and use without any refillable parts.

If you are a beginner to ecigs then I would reccomend either V2 or Blucigs. Both a very good products and are the easiest models for begginers to Electronic Cigarettes. These two brands are a very popular choice for begginers. Blucigs has one of the best Electronic Cigarette bundles on the market with their charging travel pack that charges your batteries on the go. And V2 has patented two piece designs with an atomizer in every cartridge.


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E-Cigarette Types


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